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Storm Mild Alkaline Cabinet Wash

Storm mild alkaline cabinet wash solution is a high performance spray wash detergent system designed to be effective in cleaning without leaving a chalky residue and will not foam over 125° - 150°F. Storm is safe on aluminum and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your parts.

Storm Liquid Spray Cabinet Detergent mixes readily and can be added to an open tank of hot water with minimal agitation.

Clean at 125°F to 150°F for 5 to 30 minutes.
Leaves no residue after rinsing.
Long bath life and low use concentrations provide exceptional value with low use costs.
Will not foam in spray cabinets at operating temperatures above 140ºF.
Provides advance corrosion protection on ferrous metals.
Contains no silicone to interfere with new coatings or paint.

Part No. 14-11826 -1 gallon

Part No. 14-11827 - 55 gallon

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  • Light to Medium Duty:  3% / 33:1
  • Heavy Duty:  5% / 20:1

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